An Alcoholics Anonymous 12th Step Program in the Fort Wayne area, “Bridging the Gap” is designed to help the alcoholic in a treatment program to make the transition between those programs and Alcoholics Anonymous.
Making the journey from treatment to continuing participation in AA meetings can be a big step for many people. The Bridging the Gap program offers the opportunity for active AA members to assist the newcomer in this step.
The Speakers program is for seasoned AA members to speak at treatment centers, describing their own experience, AA meetings and answering questions about Alcoholics Anonymous. Generally, these discussions entail roughly one hour and are a great opportunity for people to see AA at a more personal level.
The “Temporary Contact” program involves the AA member meeting one on one with a person from a treatment group, discussing AA and accompanying them to a few meetings. At these meetings they would be introduced to other members and begin to learn how AA works. Unlike sponsorship, volunteers can do this 12 Step work by spending a short period of time getting the newcomer acclimated and then move on to help another if they choose.

If you have interest in volunteering for either program, please email Greg S. at